Olympic Fever!

jc_cityhallOh the Olympic spirit!  Is it ever contagious!  Everywhere you turn, you can see Vancouverites adorned in red scarves, toques and mittens, with CANADA embroidered across them.  The funny thing is, in this beautiful, sunny, 10 degree Vancouver weather, it’s way too warm for these things!   But hey, who cares?  When I go to the Olympic events, I’m jumping on the bandwagon and wearing my red mitts for sure, even when it hits 15 degrees this weekend!  

According to various new broadcasts, Canadians have surprised everyone, even themselves, in how much pride and camaraderie is being shown at this 2010 Winter Olympic Games.  The Hudson’s Bay Department Stores have been absolutely packed, with Olympic merchandise flying off the shelves daily!  At the Bay downtown, there were huge line-ups wrapping all the way around the street, as if it was Boxing Day.  Apparently, those infamous Olympic red mitts are in such high demand, that the sales have exceeded the original target by over 1 million sold!  Everyone wants to get into the spirit… and who can blame them?  Canada is truly a great place to live. 

davcrscla_yaletownWe Vancouverites are all proud to be Canadian and proud to be the official host city for such a world-wide event.  That’s why we are getting involved and joining the Olympic fever in whatever way that we can.  Whether it be to witness the events in person, to join the crowds and watch the events on the big screens Downtown, or simply to purchase a couple of red mitts, we all want to play our part in joining the Olympic spirit.

I salute all the thousands of VanOc volunteers who have given their time to make this 2010 Olympics a great experience for everyone.  Some are shovelling snow and patching ice, while others are giving directions and helping out tourists.  Many of you probably saw the Opening Ceremonies on TV in which many of our own ballroom dancers volunteered their time to do countless rehearsals to prepare for the Opening Ceremonies.  Congratulations to those DSBC dancers:  Andrew Miller, David Marasigan, Royal Tsang and Lawrence Tse, who were part of the official opening of the Games, seen by billions of people across the globe.  (If you missed the Opening Ceremonies on TV, you can always check it out at )

DSBC dancer, Lawrence Tse, making his grand entrance for the Opening Ceremonies.

DSBC dancer, Lawrence Tse, making his grand entrance for the Opening Ceremonies.

If you haven’t yet joined the Olympic fever, go out and scour the city!  Even if you don’t have tickets for anything, there are tonnes of free things to do around town.  OK, there might be a few line-ups to get through… but hey, it’s a great opprotunity to meet people in your own city and from around the world!  

David and Andrew, the dancing fiddlers, after rehearsal of the Opening Ceremonies.

David and Andrew, the dancing fiddlers, after rehearsal of the Opening Ceremonies.

Check out the free concerts and activities at LiveCity Downtown and Yaletown, the various International and Provincial houses around town, or simply be a part of the sea of red and white, cheering on our very own Olympians:  GO CANADA GO!!!

If you’ve seen anything really cool around town that you think no one should miss, please post it for everyone to see!

Apparently there is a DSBC demo this Sunday at LiveCity Yaletown at 5pm.  If you have time, come and check it out and support your local dance community!

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