Lifts & Tricks!!!

The JC Dance Co. Performance Team is going to be doing several Ballroom & Latin shows at Robson Square this Friday.  Some of the shows you may have seen before, and some may be new.  Regardless, we have tried to incorporate a few new lifts and tricks that will be done this Friday for the very first time!

Back in June, we had an awesome workshop with Canadian Swing Champions, Miles Munroe & Tessa Cunningham.  Perhaps you may have seen them before at the Broadway Ballroom practicing their routines, with Tessa pretty much hanging from the chandeliers!  They are awesome at what they do, and totally professional in their teaching.

It was a fun-filled hour and a half of jumping on each other, grabbing specific body parts, and putting ourselves in very awkward positions!  Needless to say, we got some pretty funny pictures!  Hehe…  If you ever need blackmail material for any of our team members, you know who to come to!  😀

Thank you so much Miles & Tessa, for coming in to the Steve Nash Club and working with our Dance Team!  If any of you interested readers would like to learn some really cool lifts and tricks with some really cool people, contact Miles & Tessa for lessons.

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