The Unbridled Spirit of the UBC Dance Club

It was yet another fun-tastic event at the UBC Gala Ball this past weekend!!!  You never really know what to expect, as the executives are always a brand-new group of kids every year, presented with this massive undertaking of putting on a full-on competition for the local DanceSport community.  This year, the execs definitely did not disappoint.  They showed everyone their unbridled spirit and enthusiasm towards dancing, that (as I know from experience) can only come out of being at the UBC Dance Club!


UBCDC Exec 2012-2013 (Photo taken by David Marasigan Photography)

Congratulations to so many people…  First of all to Michael Wu, the chairperson of the 2013 UBC Gala Ball, and all the executives and volunteers for their hard work in organizing the event.  Great job to all of the new dancers who were brave enough to get on the floor and not worry about making fools out of themselves!  I hope you all continue dancing, regardless of your placings in this weekend’s event.  If you’d like to know, UBC Gala Ball was MY first ever competition, and I didn’t win a single thing!  If you love dancing, keep on doing it, and eventually, with proper direction, it’ll sort itself out in the end.

Most people who know me, know that I am NOT one of those people who are able to go out there and make a fool out of myself, even though I thoroughly enjoy watching others do it!  As my students know (from my lack of compliments apparently, hahaha!), I am quite the perfectionist…  So the fact that I was pulled out into the ‘Fun Events’ TWICE this weekend, leaves me utterly speechless!  All I have to say is…  Olivia Yung is the best President ever (aside from Joel of course, ;P – no offense to other past Presidents intended), and she’s why I did it!  🙂  (Although really, I was hoping to see the Dance Club teachers:  Joel and Zillion do a nice, sexy Rumba together.)

UBC Dance Club is where my heart is and will always be.  Joel and I met and started dancing there, so it’s a part of our history that we’ll never forget.  I am proud to support the Club and it’s Gala Ball year after year, and even more so when the executive are such a fabulous group of people as they were for 2012-2013!

Above is our annual ‘after UBC Gala Ball, as people are cleaning up and hanging out shot’ that we take every year.  Each year, the picture changes, but our hearts still remember the day we first spoke in the UBC Dance Club office hallway.  ♥

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