Top 5 Reasons to Take Wedding First Dance Lessons


Wedding First Dance Lessons at JC Dance Co

Here at JC Dance Co. we’re in full swing for our seasonal summer rush of  wedding First Dance lessons.  We’re currently working with a bunch of great couples as they prepare for their summer 2016 wedding, and more specifically for their First Dance.  Some of these couples came in knowing exactly what they wanted, while the vast majority came in knowing that they just didn’t want to look like they were dancing the ‘Grade 8 Shuffle‘.   While all these couples have their own unique personalities (some serious and others total goof balls) one thing stays consistent, they all are tremendously happy and relieved that they bit the bullet and came in for First Dance lessons.

Based on our 1o years of experience working with wedding couples, here are the 5 best reasons why every wedding couple should take at least 1 dance lesson before their wedding.

5 Best Reasons:

  1. Your First Dance at your wedding is one of the only times throughout the whole reception when nobody else is guiding or telling you what to do. Throughout the reception, there’s usually an emcee or wedding planner that’s keeping track of the schedule and guiding you and your spouse through the festivities.  Apart from your speeches, the First Dance is the only other time when you both are doing something continuously for a couple minutes, in front of family and friends, without the guidance and direction of anyone else.  Not taking any wedding first dance lessons is like not preparing for your speech.  You definitely should not go out there and just ‘wing it’ if you’re not used to dancing with a partner!
  2. You’ve spent a lot of time (and probably money too) on getting the right photographer and videographer.  There’s only so much Grade 8 Shuffle a videographer can shoot before it gets repetitive and tedious.  Having dance lessons will definitely give your photographers and videographers something interesting and dynamic to capture during your wedding First Dance.
  3. Have your heard of the saying, “Too many cooks in the kitchen”?  This rings true on the dance floor too.  Within a dance lesson, your teacher will help organize who is the leader, what types of moves will be danced and the general idea of the dance.  This guidance from someone other than you or your fiancé will help you both from having to scratch heads and figure it out on your own…usually a pretty stressful process.  You and your fiancé can avoid this stress by just taking a wedding First Dance lesson and letting a teacher do the work for you.
  4. YouTube and the internet can be great tools, but learning to dance from YouTube is like learning how to swim from YouTube.  Sure you can see the dance steps being performed, just like you could see how to use your arms and legs to swim, but having a teacher guide you through the process, and giving you personalized tips and tricks during the learning process is really the magic key to smiling and not sinking on the dance floor.
  5. As you are probably experiencing right now, organizing a wedding is a busy and increasingly stressful undertaking as the big day approaches.  Having a scheduled time for both you and your fiancé to come into the ballroom gives the you time to have some fun together and reconnect within your busy planning and work schedules.  An experienced dance teacher will understand what you are going through and create an environment that allows you to de-stress while getting ready for one of the best days of your lives.

Bonus reason to have wedding first dance lessons:

Trying to dance together with turns, spins and dips can be a bit dangerous, especially when you don’t know what you’re doing.  With a long wedding dress and high heels, it’s important for the bride to understand how to keep her balance, and equally for the groom to know how to lead everything without ending up with his bride on her backside.  Oops!  (check out these crazy wedding dance fails!)

In your wedding First Dance lesson, you’ll be sure to learn simple tips and tricks to keep the dance fun and safe at the same time.

Not Too Late!

If you or a couple you know is going to get married between June and September of 2016, know that it’s not too late to have a chat with us about how we can make the whole experience fun, memorable and stress free.

Send us an email and let’s start the conversation without any expectation of commitment on your part!  We’re happy to help.

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