Top 5 Simple Yet Awesome Gifts for Ballroom Dancers

Top 5 Simple Yet Awesome Gifts for Ballroom Dancers

Do you have a special someone on your shopping list that ballroom dances?  Don’t know the difference between Supadance and Chrisanne Clover?  Quickstep those worries away, and check out our list for the top 5 simple yet awesome gift ideas for ballroom dancers.


1. Tennis balls

These little furry balls are a great substitute when a ballroom dancer can’t get to their favourite registered massage therapist.  Portable, inexpensive and just the right size to work out kinks in shoulders, backs, legs and feet.  Want to kick it up a notch?  Try squash balls.  Still not hardcore enough?  Golf balls.  Enough said.  Any of these can be picked up from your local sports equipment balls gift idea for ballroom dancers

2. Therabands

Dancers are addicted to stretching and strengthening.  Going to the gym and bulking up isn’t the first priority, but being able to properly warm up and strengthen specific muscles at the ballroom is.  Therabands come in many different colours, but not for being colourful.  Each colour designates the level of elasticity going from Tan as the easiest to gold which is the most difficult.  You can find these at any sports medicine shop.

therabands gift idea for ballroom dancers

3. Stink free towel

Dancers do beautiful and amazing things with their bodies, but those bodies do get sweaty.  Antimicrobial towels are perfect to keep your dancer dry, and their dance bag smelling fresh.  Try your local Whole Foods or natural shop to buy these helpful face towels.antimicrobial towel gift idea for ballroom dancers

4. Dryer Sheets

Have you ever been close to a ballroom dancer’s shoe bag?  If not, I don’t recommend it, because the odour could knock you into next week.  There are many products out there to fight shoe stink, but a simple answer (apart from getting new shoes) is putting a couple dryer sheets into the shoes when finished dancing.  You’d be surprised at just how effective it is!dryer sheets gift idea for ballroom dancers

5. Wireless earbuds

This final suggested gift for ballroom dancers is a little more techie than the first 4.  Dancers have to have music, and sometimes the main ballroom sound system isn’t available to play the music they need to practice to.  Wireless earbuds with external ear hooks are the perfect solution.  If you can find ones that are sweat proof too, that would be even more perfect!wireless earbud gift idea for ballroom dancers

Bonus Gift Idea

This bonus idea isn’t necessarily a gift for ballroom dancers, but rather for future ballroom dancers on your list.  The best way to start ballroom dancing is by attending a beginner class.  JC Dance Co. offers Vancouver’s best beginner group classes that incorporate top quality teaching with a fun and casual learning environment.  All classes are held at the centrally located Broadway Ballroom.

Purchase a gift card with matching envelope online and add a dash of dance to the life of a future ballroom dancer.  Orders purchased before December 17th can have the cards mailed through Canada Post in time for Christmas.  Orders can also be picked up in person at the Broadway Ballroom until December 23rd.


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