Competition Tips

Interview with Simone & Annette – Part 1

At the Snowball Classic in Vancouver this past weekend, Joel and I had the opportunity to have a chat with two of the couples who were competing in the IDSF Open Standard event. Currently ranked 4th in the IDSF Standard World Ranking List, Simone Segatori & Annette Sudol, representing Germany, were gracious enough to let us publish our conversation together. They were willing to divulge all their ‘secrets’ (well, almost all!) to help inspire up and coming dancers like yourselves. Joel and I used to train and compete with them in England when they were just coming up the ranks, so it was nice to be able to sit down and catch up with them.

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5 Steps to a Successful Competition

With the Snowball Classic coming up this weekend, I thought it might be useful to remind experienced competitors and inform you new competitors how to make your competition a successful experience. Here are 5 Steps to ensure success!

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Get rid of the Nervousness and Tension of Being out of your Comfort Zone!

Through this episode of practice in Florida, we heard our own words reverberating in our heads; instead of being directed towards our students, this time to ourselves. If you don’t have the experience of doing something on a regular basis, at the intensity that you expect to perform at, your confidence will not be strong enough to keep you at ease and to enable you to dance at your best. Inevitably, nervousness and tension will come into the mix and your performance will surely be diminished.

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Life is not Fair!

The great thing about competition is… Anyone can enter! Whether you’re tall, short, blonde, brunette, rich, poor, experienced or not … you can enter the competition nevertheless! Anyone can participate, and anyone can have a truly rewarding experience from it!

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Competitions: Giving You The Extra Push You Need

I remember back when I was an amateur competitor, one of my friends (outside the dance community) asked me why I chose to dance competitively. At the time, I was at the height of my competitive career, and I thought to myself, ‘The answer is obvious! First of all, I love to perform and second of all, I feed off of the competitive atmosphere, as it drives me to reach greater and greater heights.’

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Consistent Dancing = Consistent Marks

In my last blog, I wrote about the Island Fantasy Ball, our local DanceSport competition in Nanaimo. As I mentioned in that article, the winners for each of the BC Closed Championships were obvious; and in some events, even the results of the top six were pretty clear.

Why is it so clear in some cases, with the winners often winning each and every dance and getting the majority of first place markings, while in other events, the results are all over the place? Honestly, at times, it is hard to say. However, the more you know about the judging system, the more you’ll understand what can actually be determined by looking at the judges’ marks.

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Competition Checklist

The competition atmosphere is nerve-racking enough, without getting to the venue and discovering that you forgot your favourite lipstick or your competition shirt! (Not only will your partner be unhappy with you, but DSBC might have something to say about your infringement of the dress code!) From experience, we know that forgetting things can cause added pressure which is really unnecessary.

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Lights, Camera, Distraction!

Competitions are full of distractions. There is a screaming audience, judges on the side of the floor, other competitors getting in your way, tight costumes with strips of fabric or stones flying everywhere, perhaps a new venue with a different sized floor and maybe even bright lights and cameras. Not only do you have to fight off your nerves, but you also have to deal with trying to show your best quality performance in the midst of all this mayhem!

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